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“Art is life and life is art”

Through his need for artistic creation man tried to answer the eternal problems of life: love, death, God, life itself. Therefore, artistic creation, that is, what we call art, has appeared since man appeared on earth. The word "art" comes from the verb τίκτω = I give birth and like any creation, it is closely connected with the social, reality and perceptions of each era. Interior design and decoration is inextricably linked to art. The different currents of art of each era are the ones that affect the aesthetics of the space whether it is a residence or a workplace. 
Incorporating art into your home or workplace is one of the most effective ways to elevate the quality of your everyday life and make a significant difference for the better. It doesn’t have to be anything big, of course, and not everyone loves huge art pieces that take up a big portion of your living space. Sometimes even the smallest and most subtle things can mean a lot and introduce a difference into the way you perceive your surroundings.
Art is important to decoration because it provides an instant colour palette, creats focal point, sets the right tone, brings depth and dimension to a room and its the starting point and the finishing touch. 

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