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Wedding Proposals​

It all begins with a question, a journey together into the unknown. From intimate and romantic to a full blown staged event, your wedding proposal deserves to be memorable. Leave every little pratcical detail to us as you concentrate on asking the question that will transform your lives: "Will you marry me?"

Engagement Parties

"Yes" kicks off a new direction in your lives. Spread the happy news with a big bash or an elegant affair. Your engagement can be a journey into joy, as we work behind the scenes to make sure the good vibes keep on coming.

Bachelor & Bachelorette parties

Bid farewell to single life with a fun evening, an exciting weekend getaway or a relaxing and pampering retreat. Spend unforgettable times with your closest friends while was assist with the concept, travel and any services required to make sure you have an absolute blast.

Honeymoon Trips

That is it! You're married! Let your first days together be a journey of discovery on a beautiful, safe, well-planned trip together. We will help you choose the perfect destination and ensure you experience it fully by uncovering every single treasure it has to offer.


Whether big or small, each one marks a year of love together. Show your spouse what this means to you as a beautiful surprise trip or take it on as joint party project with our unwavering help. Either way, here's to another year together.

Big Fabulous Birthday Celebrations

So, you've hit the big 5-0, or any birthday milestone significant to you, let's make it a day to remember! Let's throw a big fun party to celebrate YOU and share it all with the important people in your life. And to do that, let us ensure everything is running smoothly while you focus on spending great times with your guests.

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