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"We all have a different story to tell, but we all have this in common: to make our dream a reality!"



" If you don't find spring, you make it" Odysseas Elitis

If the light, the colors, the objects in style can teach us one thing, it's this: we have to savour even the smallest crumb of joy life gives us and to do what we need to be grounded in the present. Whatever is left untouched by all five senses, falls by the wayside, withers and vanishes. 


Interior Design

Creating a calm and peaceful home, free of life's clutter is our aim. You don't need hundrends of things to make you fell fulfilled, you just need to create, with our help, a unique, contemporary, fantastic family home.
Be ready to follow our very timely principles: freedom of expression, joyous colour and the liberty to break rules.


Interior Design

We rarely believe in fairytales, we've grown out of them as if they were the clothes we wore as teenagers. We've lost our childhood innocence. But getting right back to where it all started is a surfire way to take life into our hands and reimagine every element through the prism of our dreams. 
We are here to help you find and create your little slice of heaven, to restore and built your business place that will reflect your personal style.

Private Parties


Welcome to the future.

If this year taught us anything, its that predicting what may or may not happen in the future is rather foolhardy. After a year that has changed so much, what we want from our homes and business spaces has shifted forever. The truth is, it will be different for eveyone, because now is the time to creat a place that works perfectly for you. 


Visual Merchandising

"With identical conditions of price, quality and service, the only difference between choosing one product instead of another will be established by its presentation: the directing of the window shop and all the allure that results from it" Pablo Soto



Art is the most important part of a room, so it should come first. Designing a room around a piece of art can completely change your mind about what you thought you wanted, in the best way possible.

Corporate Events
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